Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Graduation dress (Butterick 6582)

I have severly neglected my blog for many moons now and so much has happened! I won first prize in the Colette Patterns Laurel Fall/Winter category which was so exciting - I was able to choose a heap of goodies from Sew Squirrel, Stitch56, Schnittchen and Indie Stitches! I've been working on a few different projects here and there - but most important to me has been my graduation dress!

I chose the Butterick 6582 which I had previously made up in the wiggle version. This time I went for the dramatic fuller skirt and accompanied with a petticoat for extra volume!

I lined the bodice with the technique described in Gertie's Book for Better Sewing attaching it to the facings, using some scrap satin. I really wanted to line the bodice and maintain a clean edge and this was the perfect technique. 

I didn't have the proper 'belting' material that the pattern asked for so I improvised with some extra layers of interfacing and used a belt buckle with a prong.

And here is the finished product - it didn't take very long to make - it was more just my laziness organising to get an eyelet punched in the belt before it could be photographed 100% complete.

I used some upholstery fabric my grandma gave to me when she was clearing out her stash and she was quite impressed with the results...I tried to put a bit of effort into my pattern piece placement to take advantage of the big beautiful design. 

And I finished the petticoat from my last post - which now has a ribbon trimming around the edge! About 16 metres in fact.

So voila! A very delayed post about my retro-chair fabric-graduation dress!


  1. I love it!!! Congrats on winning the challenge and congrats on graduating!

  2. Hello Bridget. I just stumbled upon your blog this week. I got incredibly jealous cos I'm in science too and I don't know how you've found the time to make these gorgeous pieces! You have a fan in me. Since when did you learn to sew and how did you learn (online, books, lessons)?

    1. For the most part I'm self taught but I learnt a little in high school - a lot is trial and error. Start with easy stuff and work off patterns and you soon pick up the basics, there are lots of general sewing books that all cover the same stuff - I used 'The Sewing Book' by Alison Smith - has really good photos and explantations for techniques used a lot in dressmaking. Majority however is just experiementing - I only really post about the successful projects - but I have had my fair share of failures too!

  3. Holy smokes, this is GORGEOUS!