Thursday, May 16, 2013

Iris shorts

Product Disclaimer: Consumers should be advised that these photos are horrid because its about 12 degrees outside so I had to take them inside.

*Clears throat*

Here we have yet another faithful pattern from Colette, which I might add has nominated me in the top 20 for the Reader's Choice catergory of their Laurel Competition! Woo!

My first pink pair are made out of a heavy textured cotton remnant and floral cotton for the pocket lining.

I chose to do a lapped zip instead of invisible because, well, I hate invisible zips. So. Much. They never sit right and I can never get them past joins in the fabric. And when I try they break. Hate. Them.
The lapped zips I've made in the past haven't been as perfect as I'd like, so in my second pair of shorts I followed this tutorial. For the second pair I also added 1 inch to the crotch as the pink pair were a little tight around there...

This black is made from a bit of left over cotton sateen and spotty cotton for the pocket lining. I also scalloped the hems because its a very cute finish! Only downside to this pair is that I was concentrating so hard on making the lapped zip perfect that it's facing the wrong way..


I will be graduating in about 2 months so next I be working on my dress for the ceremony! Very excited!

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  1. What a pretty shade of pink! I love the floral lining too.

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